Private Investigation Case Study: Cargo Theft

Situation – A Fortune 100 company, with operations in over 50 countries reached out to MADPI GLOBAL through an affiliate agency to represent them in Canada as their trusted investigation firm. At that moment, they were having cargo theft instances with a transportation vendor in two Canadian provinces.

Action – We started by conducting a brief overview of the reports and information provided. After that, a member of our team, an ex-law enforcement detective, proceeded to visit, interview and obtain evidence from the involved parties. We took pictures, interviewed witnesses, managers, employees, neighbours, obtained copies of video recordings, GPS logs, reviewed security procedures, entry and exit logs, and identified several suspects.

We then started digging deeper into each suspect, understanding their potential motives, capabilities and opportunities. We looked into discrepancies between their income and living expenses, family histories, work-related accidents, attitudes, relationships between co-workers, etc.

Results – As the MADPI GLOBAL team was getting closer to identifying the main suspect, the cargo suddenly reappeared. Aside from a few missing boxes, everything else was intact. The client decided not to pursue it further. We shared what we had with the local law enforcement and allowed them to pursue the case if they decided to.

We provided our report with all the evidence to the client. Most importantly, we provided recommendations to their vendor to revisit their policies and procedures and to upgrade their security. The vendor accepted new upgrades and followed most of our improvements. Since then, they haven’t had any thefts.

Our experience in security and risk management helped us establish a trusted relationship with the primary client, with the affiliate agency, and with the vendor. Since then, we’ve worked with them on several other cases.