Implementing defence mechanisms through access control and physical security is still an essential condition of any corporate asset protection set-up. We create bespoke security solutions and seamless integration into each environmental scenario.

Highly experienced and well-trained agents in the greater Montreal & greater Toronto areas:

  • Security Guards (protection of valuable goods & premises)
  • Loss Prevention (against fraud, assault & shoplifting)
  • Close Protection (Bodyguards, VIP & Escort)
  • Executive Chauffeur Services (secure transportation)

Customised security solutions (patrolling, mobile and static) in the following industries:

  • Construction & Real Estate Sites
  • Industrial & Retail Settings
  • Entertainment (Events, Clubs, & Catering)
  • High Net Worth Individuals & Corporate Executives
  • CCTV Video Surveillance – Highest video quality: 4K, FullHD, TurboHD, reliable commercial-grade professional products
  • Security & Access – Access Control Systems based on Keyfobs, NFS, BT, Proximity Cards, Fingertips and Face Recognition
  • Voice & Video Entry – Integrated Touch Screen Voice Entry Panels, Integrated Telephone Entry Systems, Apartment Intercoms
  • WiFi & Communications – CAT6A wiring, high-performance WiFi 6 and Mesh systems with Firewall, VPN, NAS, VoIP servers setup
  • Audio & Video – Hi-Fi and Hi-End commercial and residential streaming equipment, projectors, amplifiers, TV and acoustic systems
  • Audit & Management – Independent audit of planned or existing projects and Certified Project Management for IT and Security Projects
  • 27/7 Emergency Support to answers all your questions & Immediate dispatch of our standby mobile teams
  • 3-year warranty on all projects and services

Whether in real-time or logged, GPS systems have the ability to monitor precise movements of mobile assets. They are quick and easy to install, provide enhanced protection and tracing, with battery life up to 3 years, jam-resistant/unable-to-disable, and work in Canada & USA on all networks. The units are small, portable and can be installed in seconds. Reports may include detailed positions, images of locations, speed of assets and distance travelled, temperature, fuel consumption, etc.

MADPI GLOBAL Security Services

Every investigation starts with your request and leads to our visionary analysis and efficient solution.