With offices in Montréal & Toronto, MADPI GLOBAL provides full Canadian and Global coverage resolving varied intricate legal issues related to Investigations, Risk Mitigation, Intelligence Gathering & Analysis.

We aim to provide Canadian corporate and legal clients with first-class services across Canada and the world; and clients from around the world with first-class services anywhere Canada. We’re exceptional professionals and are highly regarded by clients and industry partners for our creative approaches and intelligent invaluable solutions.

We understand our clients’ needs and the inherent challenges of every case. With our multilingual and multidisciplinary team’s extensive experience and local resources in almost any country around the world, we present practical and effective solutions, deliver the most accurate and relevant intel, all while ensuring efficient customer experience.

Even with over 20 years of proven track record, we believe in constant improvement of our services and are very acute to the new developments within the industry. We are unconditionally committed to exceed our clients’ expectations, and therefore, continuously update our education, attend conferences, build new long-term relationships, participate in philanthropy, protect the environment, and are making our world a better and safer place to live in.








Our MISSION is to provide our clients with indispensable intelligence to safeguard their business and private interests, continue their successful navigation, and represent them impartially in court proceedings if necessary.

By working diligently, thinking outside the box, consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations, and most importantly, keeping their best interests in mind, MADPI GLOBAL is set to deliver the most hard-to-obtain information and superior results. While that being said, we will not conduct any illegal or unethical activities and will adhere to strict industry ethics.

Honesty, common interests, and healthy interactions are integral parts of our performance and competitive advantage. That’s why so many Canadian and International corporate and legal clients trust MADPI GLOBAL to provide them with crucial intelligence.


The breadth of combined experience of multicultural, multidisciplinary and multinational team of professionals is the foundation of MADPI GLOBAL’s excellence. Our field investigators, surveillance agents, technical experts, intelligence analysts and strategists operate across industries, geographies and cultures, continuously shaping MADPI GLOBAL as the leading Private Investigation firm in the industry.

MADPI GLOBAL provides discreet bespoke services and handles assignments of various complexity on our client’s behalf, which include large and small multinationals, governmental and non-governmental organisations, legal, insurance and financial establishments, Fortune 500 companies, high-net-worth individuals, start-ups and small-to-medium enterprises.

Roman Bazikalov

President & CEO

Anna M.

Intelligence Unit Director

Richard E.

Cyber Unit Director

Hannah L.

Junior Intelligence Analyst

Antonio B.

Security Unit Director

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