Private Investigation Case Study: Violation of Personal Privacy

Situation – Montreal-based corporate office reached out to us when a hidden small self-powered WiFi-enabled camera was accidentally detected in the women’s locker room. We were mandated to investigate the device, retrieve all possible footage, identify the perpetrator, and provide guidelines and recommendations to avoid future situations of this sort.

Action – We’ve assessed the situation, investigated the environment, and concluded that it would be safe to retrieve the device from its point of installation and subject it to forensic analysis.

Using advanced digital forensics techniques, the memory of the embedded System On a Chip (SOC) had been acquired and analyzed leading to the identification of the WiFi networks which the device had been associated with. Using the address list of all staff with access to the office, and specialized WiFi analysis tools, we learned that one of the stored addresses matched the home network ID of the perpetrator.

Results – Armed with irrefutable evidence, the company was able to approach the employee responsible and address the matter in an effective manner.

MADPI GLOBAL provided the client with recommendations on locker room privacy, general safe office practices, and digital policies.