Private Investigation Case Study: WSIB/ CNESST/ Worker’s Compensation

Situation – One of the biggest provincial employment agencies that we have worked with for several years on various prior matters, had MADPI GLOBAL investigate a work-related incident. The claimant alleged that he could barely move, stayed home in bed most of the day, and was unable to provide for his family by any other means. His injuries were partially physical and partially psychological.

Action – We started with a brief background check, online social media check, and open-source database intel gathering. We confirmed the claimant’s place of residence, family members, established potential ownership of several vehicles, and learned that he was a gym enthusiast.

We then started surveillance to establish his daily activities and to confirm the allegations. On the first day, we observed the claimant driving his son to daycare, then washing one of his vehicles outside in the driveway, then driving for several hours while attending to various chores and picking up groceries. In the following days, we observed him driving a different vehicle, going to the gym and working out with heavy weights, and in the afternoon going to work as a delivery courier for another company.

The client extended our budget, and we followed the claimant in total on eight occasions in the next three weeks. We were able to show that the claimant was active almost every day, and his activities included anything from household chores, to sports, to outings with friends, to working, and to visiting doctors and massage therapists. During those visits to doctors and massage therapist, however, the claimant changed his behaviour, and would suddenly begin to walk slower, with a limp, holding his back, and looking depressed in his general demeanor.

Results – We took HD-quality video of his activities and noted every detail in a lengthy report that contained over 70 pages with images and descriptions of events. The client proceeded to provide this information to the provincial authorities and after necessary processes, the claimant’s benefits were eventually discontinued.

We handle every case for this client and their respective clients by referral: whether it’s a theft, strike, disability case, digital investigation, or security measures on premises, both physical and electronic.