Navigating Montreal’s Surveillance Challenges with MADPI GLOBAL

With its green spacious parks, old port walks, flavourful restaurants, entertainment venues, luxury hotels, jazz, and French culture, Montreal, Canada, is by far one of the most beautiful cities in North America. But in the Private Investigation Industry, our city is infamous for its nightmare surveillance challenges.

First of all it’s an island, a big one, but an island nevertheless. One has to navigate on highways and streets and in tunnels that are used for passing through traffic for large commercial vehicles going on and off the island on old narrow bridges.

Second, Montreal is a port city. This means that logistic carriers distribute thousands of containers in and out of the port and onto the streets travelling in every direction every day.

Third, Montreal is an old city, designed in the early 20th century and mostly built in the 50s and 60s, and until today has poorly coordinated traffic lights, a mixture of residential and commercial buildings in every corner, newly developed bike paths and pedestrian walks with no vehicles allowed, and very limited parking spots.

Fourth, Montreal has way too many one-way narrow streets, croissant blocks, and dead-ends.

Fifth, there is much police presence on the streets, school busses in the morning and afternoon, traffic that never stops from dawn until the dark hours of evenings, school zones, speed bumps, speed limits, and generally poor condition of roads with large and deep potholes.

Sixth, construction. This is our pride and joy that unnecessarily lasts for months and sometimes years in the same spot and beset by world famous orange cones all round the perimeter of the site. We perfected detours, closed streets, lane closures, human coordinated stops and bypasses, which contributes to the limited ability to manoeuvre.

Finally, the weather in Montreal is one of the worst of all challenges. It’s unpredictable, not efficiently managed by authorities, and jumps from 20cm snow fall days that pile up ten feet high and don’t get cleaned for many days, to -40C with wind factor, to icy like a skating rink days in the winter, to rainy days in the fall, to flooded streets and neighbourhoods in the spring, and to high humidity days in the summer.

Did we say enough?

Understanding all of the above challenges and navigating through them, is our métier. That’s what we do, day in and day out. We know the city, we have the best equipment, and we have highly experienced and motivated surveillance investigators to tackle every need of our Corporate, Legal, and Private clientele.