In a nutshell, a due diligence search is an investigation of a business or a person before signing a contract or entering a certain business relationship during mergers and acquisitions, supply chain continuity and integrity, to comply with sanctions, anti-money laundering (AML), anti-bribery, and corruption (ABC) laws. The purpose behind a due diligence search is to gain invaluable intelligence in order make better informed decisions, secure assets and interests, and prevent or minimize risks.

Enhanced due diligence search is the next level up, where a company or a person pose a greater-than-normal risk and helps the client gain a more in-depth understanding with whom they will be dealing. Besides the above mentioned traditional financial checks, this search will also include customers, third-party suppliers, and business partners verifying third-party risks across PESTLE (political, economic, sociocultural, technological, legal and environmental) categories in order to elevate client’s confidence and better protect their interests.

We typically access various databases, both government and private, conduct in-depth open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering, use covert tactics, and engage other investigative means to assist this type of investigation. We obtain corporate record data (details of company ownership, directorships, and shareholdings); legal and financial profiles, court records, regulatory and licensing checks, solvency and credit profiles; cyber profile analysis, multilingual online media and social media research; reputation analysis based on intelligence collection; background checks on principals, including residence and property ownership checks, employment and educational verification, lobbying activities, politically exposed persons, organized crime affiliations, assessment of net worth, and more; screen vendors, suppliers, customers, and other third parties; ethics and corporate social responsibility checks; local market reputation through review of media sources; financial crime investigations (embezzlement, fraud, money laundering or other fiscal irregularities); confirm physical presence of registered offices, branches and subsidiaries.

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