Firing an employee that exhibited violent, harassing or intimidating behaviour in the workplace is never an easy undertaking. If handled without care, things can escalate quickly, and the employee may potentially become more violent or aggressive causing damage to other employees or property, which may in turn result in injuries, increased liability, and lengthy court proceedings.

MADPI GLOBAL can ensure that termination will be handled with highest regard for everyone’s safety, and will minimize any harm to persons, or damage to your reputation and property. We employ various methods and procedures to de-escalate and mitigate any dire circumstances. We use psychological and human kinetic techniques, provide experienced plain-clothes security during the session, escort the employee courteously and efficiently out of the building, and also provide post-termination risk mitigation assistance (which varies from case to case).

For more information, contact us in advance of the scheduled high-risk termination, and we’ll discuss it in more detail with you in full confidence and without any obligations.