NALI Conference: Empowering Legal Investigators for Success

We have just returned from the 55th Annual Conference of the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI) hosted by NALI organizers, and amazing Jan Barefoot, her local team, and her husband Brian K. Anders!

NALI is an incredible group of the most knowledgeable and experienced investigators in the legal field! We had great speakers, at a great venue in Charlotte, NC, and a blast learning new things, networking, going out, and simply having a great time with the professionals of the trade!

At the conference, MADPI GLOBAL’s founder and president, Roman Bazikalov, passed the gruesome exam to become the second Canadian in history to receive the prestigious designation of Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) and was also elected an International Regional Director of NALI.

We love attending conferences and acquiring new knowledge! It allows us to keep up to date on industry trends and provide the highest level of expertise in the industry to our Canadian and International clients, whether in legal, corporate, or private settings.