MADPI GLOBAL Founder Earns NALI Certification

We are delighted to announce that Roman Bazikalov, the visionary founder and President of MADPI GLOBAL, has achieved a remarkable feat in the realm of private investigation. He has become the first Quebec private investigator and the second in all of Canada to earn the prestigious Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) designation from the esteemed National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), North America’s oldest and most prestigious association for Legal Investigators.

The CLI designation is a testament to Mr. Bazikalov’s unparalleled expertise in legal investigations, underscoring his commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards in the industry. With rigorous examinations, ethical testing, role-playing scenarios, statement taking, and white paper authorship, the CLI program sets a high bar for candidates. Presently, only a select group of less than 100 private investigators worldwide have successfully completed this challenging program.

As the founder of MADPI GLOBAL, Roman Bazikalov brings over two decades of relevant investigative experience, specializing in intelligence gathering and analysis, corporate, legal, and insurance investigations, among other fields. His impressive credentials include being a Certified International Investigator (CII) and a Certified Master Investigator (CPIO-MI), along with holding an Honors BA in Criminology and a minor in Psychology from the University of Ottawa. Speaking several languages, Roman’s multicultural background further enhances MADPI GLOBAL’s capabilities to serve clients across Canada and internationally.

The CLI designation not only elevates the profession of private investigation but also instills confidence in existing and potential clients, who can now better gauge Mr. Bazikalov’s values and extensive training. With recognition in the legal and investigative community, courtrooms, and among employers, the CLI designation solidifies his position as an elite investigator in the field.

MADPI GLOBAL is a full-service Private Investigation Firm, catering to clients across Canada and internationally. With a focus on resolving intricate legal matters related to Risk Mitigation, Intelligence Gathering & Analysis, the company boasts a multicultural and multidisciplinary team with decades of law-enforcement, intelligence services, and private investigation experience. Clients can rely on MADPI GLOBAL’s discreet bespoke services, access to worldwide databases, cutting-edge investigative technology, and compliance with privacy regulations.

Mr. Bazikalov’s recent election to the board of NALI as an International Regional Director further exemplifies his commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. As a member of NALI, MADPI GLOBAL is dedicated to upholding the highest professional ethics and standards in the practice of legal investigation.

With Roman Bazikalov’s exceptional CLI designation and MADPI GLOBAL’s unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, the company continues to be a trusted and competent partner for resolving complex legal matters globally.

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