To deliver crucial results, our intelligence analysts collect and analyse evidence through various open source government and private databanks, by employing creative investigative solutions and covert responsible tactics. We tailor strategies to each risk profile.

Services from Private Investigators
  • Enhanced Due Diligence

  • Assets Verification

  • Trademark & IP Investigations

  • Workplace Investigations

  • Corporate Risk Management

  • Cyber Investigations & TSCM

We adhere to national, provincial, and even international privacy laws and doctrines of our industry (e.g. PIPEDA & GDRPR). We respect confidentiality and make sure professional ethics are never compromised. We have access to countless government and private databases and ensure that the information we obtain is the latest, accurate, relevant, and objective.


We conduct exhaustive online and public record searches, cyber investigations, and discreet surveillance in the most complex and delicate cases and help our clients amplify their effective performance in negotiations and court proceedings. Every case is customised in accordance with individual objectives.

Legal Investigations
  • Pre-Trial Litigation Support

  • Commercial Law

  • Labour Law

  • Family Law

  • Cyber Investigations & TSCM

We employ only the best investigators, consultants and experts in the industry with only one goal in mind: to provide our clients with indispensable intelligence to safeguard their business and private interests, to continue their successful navigation, and to represent them impartially in court proceedings if necessary.


Implementing defence mechanisms through access control and physical security is still an essential condition of any corporate asset protection set-up. We create bespoke security solutions and seamless integration into each environmental scenario.

MADPI GLOBAL Security Services
  • Security Guards & Personal Protection

  • Audio, Video & Security Systems

  • GPS Systems

Remember, all communication with us is PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. To discuss your particular case, or if you would like to receive a no-obligation free consultation, please contact us.

Every investigation starts with your request and
leads to our visionary analysis and efficient solution.