Surveillance is an art. To excel at surveillance, having basic skills and years of experience isn’t enough. Even with the full command of the will, the discipline, the attentiveness, the patience, the nimbleness, true art of surveillance is the privilege of a few. Transcending all the little intricacies, having that individual delicate capacity, that six sense, is what elevates those skills and experience to the next level of excellence.

At MADPI GLOBAL we own the above-mentioned faculties and surpass the thresholds of potential. In other words, we have what it takes, and then some. We excel at mobile, foot, and static surveillance, as well as counter surveillance measures. We are equipped to handle almost any off-road environment, harsh weather conditions, recreational activities, and more. When necessary, we can also provide remote, aerial, nautical / underwater, snowmobile, and motorcycle surveillance. We can design and integrate bespoke video / audio / GPS systems to acquire date and time stamped evidence.

Contact MADPI GLOBAL to discuss your surveillance needs free of charge; we’ll analyse your situation and provide you with a comprehensive confidential quote.