Typically, TSCM practitioners do not have a store front operation, or rely on online marketing to connect with their client base. But having been in the TSCM industry since the mid-1990’s, MADPI GLOBAL experts know that the best means to connect with clients is through referrals from a trusted party such as through relationships with legal or corporate firms.

When engaging a TSCM practitioner this way, the client knows that the team has been qualified and has a proven track record in the delivery of reliable services.

All too often, we have met clients who had hired the services of “rain dancers” (wannabe sweep specialist) who wave antennas as they walk through a site with no training or experience, and a minimal investment in “magic boxes”. Those engaging in this type of business are charlatans and do nothing more than provide a false sense of security while bilking clients of their money.

Therefore, make sure that the experts you chose are qualified, experienced, and are highly educated in this domain.