Rates may vary from one case to another. Costs will depend mostly on the complexity of the case, the level of expertise and sophistication of tools used; but also it will depend on the number of hours that will be devoted, the distances that will be travelled, and the expenses that might be encountered in the process.

Generally speaking, private investigator costs across the globe can range between $55 and $375 dollars an hour (either in CAD, USD, EUR or GBP). Different services cost differently, and also vary from country to country, province to province and state to state, and even city to city. Moreover, costs also vary between agencies, and while one agency may charge $55/h, another agency in the same city may charge $125/h for the same service.

At MADPI GLOBAL, our rates are fair, competitive, and correspond to the capabilities of our investigators and resources. We recommend contacting us with details of your case, and we’ll estimate it for you free of charge.